Monday, July 28, 2008

NOOOOOOO!!! I started a post on Romeo and Juliet, and how the 1968 film and that song, What is a Youth, makes my blood sing AND BLOGGER KILLED IT! EVIL! NASTY! HORRID! SCRUFFY-LOOKING....NURFHERDER!

Calm now.


  1. I'm taking a Shakespeare class this fall, actually, and have this movie in my Netflix queue:-) And I certainly do not plan on departing from the blogging world. IT's too much fun.

  2. Edge! Hey! I can't say how happy I was to see your comment; thanks!

    Hm, shall I keep on calling you Edge, or is there a nickname you prefer? I love Edge though. V. cool.

    I love Shakespeare, and I really need to do a proper post on him.

    That sounds like fun. One of the (few; not looking forward to math!)things I can't wait for in collage - a Shakespeare class. Let me know how it goes, I'd love to hear about it.

    Really? Cool. What's your favorite part? The balcony scene, for me, is unforgettable.

    I'm imensely realived to hear that. We'd miss you too much! *laughs* Yes, it is fun!

  3. Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today, I linked to you from my page now. Cheers!

    God Bless,

  4. Hi, I discovered your blog from Anilee's blog. :D

    Anyway, I hate it when that happens. Lost writing ticks me off to no end...*roars angrily* ;)

  5. I love Shakespeare. Twelfth Night's my favorite, and joy! I actually saw it performed at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival last month. Totally awesome.


  6. Nurfherder? *giggles hysterically* :D

    That stinks. Write it again! Write it again! I just finished reading Romeo & Juliet today, actually.

    And started Twelfth Night, Anilee! Fancy that! I like it a lot. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are SO funny. I'm going to see it in October, I hope. :D