Rainy days

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I love rainy days so very much. I've always found it hard to believe I was born on a sunny day. I was born between Sunday and Monday, in the wee hours of the dawn and midnight, so at least it was grey...

Some people talk about starlight and how beautiful it is; but I think rain-light is the most beautiful. A pale, clear grey-white, so very soft and gentle...

Rainy days are when you are nestled in your house, hot cocoa bubbling on the stove top... you are dressed in your favorite clothes, perhaps no longer wearable in public, but perfect for days such as these.

Rainy days are perfect for pottering about quietly, feeling homey, thinking thoughts of one's own, reading a good book and contemplating it's words.

Or, for us writers , it is spent over sheets of paper, notebooks or the computer. Writing slowly now, then filled with words flowing over, out of our fingertips, down through the black ink, on to the snowy white paper; and dancing there, merrily twinkling up at us as we lean back with a sigh of satisfaction and take a sip of our much-deserved tea, coffee or cocoa.

Yes, I think rainy days are the best.


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  1. oh yes ... yesterday we had a long steady rain ... something we here in parts of Colorado hold as a vague memory of late.

    as i watched the watering of my world, all i could do was sit with my tears to water the depths of my gratitude.