Our Lady's Knight

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It is with a heavy heart that I type this. The FairyTale Novels Forum lost a dear member, 'The Illustrious Marc', on June 30.

Marc Girard was a eighteen year old boy and a Knight of Lepanto. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and soon to be, a Friar of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. He was all this and so much more.

I knew him through the FT forum, and he made me laugh. He ran for President in our Election thread, undaunted by the growing amount of votes for Mr. Darcy; he had the silliest and coolest avatar of Mr. Bean making faces, and he was a hero. He died with his father, Thomas Girard, trying to save his dad's life.

Marc, Mr. Girard, and Marc's younger siblings, Lucas, 11, and Hannah, 7, went swimming at a pond. There was a small island not too far away from the shore and they decided to swim to it. Marc swam with Lucas and Mr. Girard was behind them with Hannah in his arms, who couldn't swim. Marc heard his little sister scream and turned to see her in the water, their father nowhere to be seen. It is thought he suffered from a heart attack while swimming

Marc swam out to Hannah, pushed her to safety and told her to pray, then struck out back for his father. He was too late, however.
Lucas, Marc's little brother witnessed the entire tragedy. He also saw the firefighters pull his father and brother from the water. Marc was brought to the hospital barely alive. He received the Anointing of the Sick and Fr. Angelo blessed him with a relic of St. Padre Pio. As he did so, Marc entered in to cardiac arrest, and passed away at 1:50 a.m., on the Feast of the Precious Blood.

Last year the Girard's house burned down, and the only thing that survived the fire from Marc's room was his picture of St. Padre Pio. His family moved into a trailer and lived there through the winter. In fact, ten days before Marc's death, his dear friend, Master Paul Xavier, sent a message to me after I asked how things were going, replying that he was spending the night at Marc's place.
He posted later on the forum: "Ooh! Had a great weekend! Slept over Marc's friday Night, and watched Kingdom of Heaven on a surround sound laptop in his tent. Went to Six Flags with him, his brother and sister, and Angela. Went on nearly every ride. (Including Superman! Had the wonderful experience of having a mouthful of Miss Georgianna's hair... ) lol
Bought Angela a pink superman cape, which I had to wear while she went on a water ride, while Marc held her purse... (Just picture that...lol Pink cape...and a purse.) Lovely. Played Nintendo Wii Bowling with Bugs Bunny and Granny. lol
We went fishing later on afterwards, spent the night feeling sick as I found out that I'm a cursed man....Miss Turner...lol (Has to do with that Satanist guy that spammed me...)
Sunday we went to Mass, wore our capes, ate food, had a water balloon fight, played some kickball and baseball with the Friars, went home, took a shower...and sleeeeeepppppppppppppp feels so good."
I'm so very glad God gave the band of three friends (Paul, Angela and Marc) a wonderful last memory together, and Marc a amazing last day with his friends.
Pray for us, Marc, and help us to God. Watch over us. We won't forget you.


  1. I'm practically sick with sadness, imagining the horror Marc's family and friends are going through right now... my best friend's grand father just passed away on the same day as Marc so I'll be lifting up many prayers for comfort towards everyone effected by these deaths, believe me.

    Also, thank you so much for ministering to me through your comment; yesterday I laid me down to sleep with a heavy and depressed heart and just had to let you know that your words have lifted me up this morning and carried me off.
    Thank you dear friend... I love your heart.
    Very fondly,

  2. *sniff* I am going to cry... again...

  3. Hey, thanks for the post. Strange as it may seem, we were at the Drive In with him Friday and Saturday, and were with him at the Friary on sunday.

  4. Now I'm going to cry! *blows her nose*

    Oh, Jo, I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for your friend's grandfather.

    Really? I'm so very glad, dearie! I just had to 'spill' out my thoughts. There's nothing as sweet and wonderful as seeing that you have comments from friendly souls. Even the words of a stranger, such as when you first commented, made me glow.

    I needed that Pride and Prejudice music the other day...it was so calming. I'm trying to figure out how to put music on here. I have a playlist, it's just being stubborn.

    It's so good to hear from you again, Mamma Rose! I know...

    Of course, Paul. It was the least I could do. Oh... Still praying!

    Much love to you all, dears!

  5. I've a special something for you over here, dearie. ;-)

    (Still praying for Marc's family and you!)

  6. Hello, I have just happened upon your site -- during a very a tender moment, I see. I shall just quietly browse, but not before expressing my heartfelt condolences. Your carefully crafted words have touched me deeply. I knew not your friend Marc, but now I know of him through the eyes of one who loved him deeply, a friend and fellow writer. Your heart sings out with words of love and loss. You're in my prayers.

  7. *laughs delightedly* Oh, thank you, Jo! It's perfect; just what I've always wanted. ;)

    Thank you, dear friend! I'm praying for your friend's grandfather!

    Debbie: Hello, dear friend! What a delight it is to have met you. Thank you so much for warm and kind words - it is a tender moment. Your words touch me deeply, and my thanks again, for your lovely condolances. It is hard to accept their loss, but I know Marc and his father are in Heaven smiling down at us. :)

    Please come and visit again, Debbie, you are always welcome. In the meantime, I shall pop over and wish you a cheery hello!