a Meme...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My dear friend Jo tagged me last night. (well, it was last night, last week. Many days have elapsed since then, and nights come and gone...)

But here I am at last, and I tag Elena, Mamma Rose, Delaney, Claire, Paul, Clare, Brenda, Sarah, and Mrs. Gibson...

I am: a daughter of Christ

I think: of raindrops and whiskers, and all I can

I know: there is a God

I have: so many people to love, worry over and pray for

I wish: to be good

I hate: cruelty

I miss: my cousin, and my best friend

I fear: losing my friends

I feel: quiet, lonely, and souring on gentle waves of music

I hear: the quiet pattering of rain coming down and crack of lightning

I smell: the faint scent of perfume, romantic, beckoning and comforting

I crave: hot chocolate, hugs, and the smell of coffee

I search: for truth, beauty and life

I wonder: about Love and its many different forms

I regret: that I didn't pray when I should have

I love: unconditionally

I ache: for the Girards, their friends and Paul

I am not: alone

I believe: Marc and Thom are in Heaven

I dance: in the rain and at night

I sing: always

I cry: when I watch my parents wedding video and listen to beautiful music

I don't always: fall asleep while it is still night

I fight: for my soul

I write: to find my voice

I win: a hug from a friend

I lose: my temper

I never: believe evil will triumph over good

I always: laugh

I confuse: my family by loving characters alive only on page and in my mind

I listen: carefully and gratefully

I can usually be found: curled in a chair, or a book

I am scared: of losing my loves

I need: a ton of love and affection or I will wilt

I am happy about: comments on my blog, and finding a new friend

I imagine: Middle-Earth is real

And I must add one of my own.

I am wearing: a great red oversized sweater :)


  1. Oh goodness I loved it! You really discover so much about someone by reading those simple statements. And your answers were quite poetic and beautiful, I might add. ;-) Thanks for playing along, dearie!

  2. Oh thank you, Jo! I had so much fun, although I worried about it for a while, because I was afraid it sounded like I was trying to hard.

    But I managed to let go and just write the first thing that came to mind!

    Thanks for including me, Jo!

  3. *rubs hands together* Alright now, in answer to your question, I simply use Google images. I particularly love any of Jesse Wilcox or Normon Rockwell paintings but also love Renoir, Monet, 18th century pieces etc. Just specify the painting you're looking for (ex. rain, night and moon, children paintings etc.) and voila! ;-)
    bye for now!

  4. Thanks Jo, will do so! *laughs* I didn't mean for that to rymhe... (sp)

  5. Thank you, dear, for tagging me! This looks like a really neat meme... the kind that's so simple, but can be so, well, thorough! :)

    I'll try to find time to do it soon!


  6. Oh, of course, Claire! It seemed like your kind of meme... I know you'll have beautiful answers and I can't wait!


  7. Rae! You tagged my Godmother! Not fair!

  8. I can't wait to see your answers either, Mamma! *hugs her*

    Hey, you two can compare notes!

  9. I'd love to take part!

    I've been planning on writing you an e-mail but I am SO far behind in writing. I will, though... soon!