Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Okay, I think I'm going to audition for Annie.

But I'm in desperate need of help. The auditions are in about a week, and all the children have to sing and I can't think of a song! Does anyone have any suggestions?

I was thinking something lighthearted and fun, like something from Mamma Mia, or Matchmaker from Fiddle on the Roof, or Officer Krupke from West Side Story. Do you have any suggestions? Something short but effective?

Any tips for the audition? Do they want me to sing the whole song or just about for a minuet?

I can sing, but I'm no opera singer. I'm really nervous. I had auditioned for the Sound of Music awhile back, but they had already had callbacks, so... I remember I was so nervous my voice couldn't decide on a pitch, so I was going from high, to really high, to low. Hee hee. ;)

Any tips would be great! I need help!


  1. Heyyy, thank you SO much for your kind words on my blog. Can I just say, "ME TOO!!" to everything you said? That was my favorite thing to do when I was little also. And I still do that with music all the once I was listening to "Into the West" from the Return of the King soundtrack, and I pictured myself singing it at my friend's funeral (my friend is very much alive, but somehow that picture got into my head), and pretty soon I was just SOBBING. I do that kind of thing alllllll the time.

    So cool that you were in Midsummer! That's such a great play.

    As for's a post I wrote a long time ago pertaining to musical theatre auditions:
    and here's another useful link:

    Something else I've learned is that EVERYONE is nervous for auditions. It's how you use that nervousness that counts. If you can find a way to channel that nervousness into positive energy, and change it into excitement or adrenaline, this will help SO MUCH. Pick a song that makes you excited or happy. I did this with my latest audition - I sang "The Wizard and I" from Wicked, and I channeled any nervousness I felt into excitement over the words I was saying(singing).

    The song you choose should be in similar style to the show you're auditioning for, if possible. As for how much of it they're going to want to hear - I don't know. You can ask them ahead of time, or just be prepared to get cut off. Some directors I've auditioned for cut me off, and some want to hear the entire at least have the whole song prepared, just in case.

    I think the most important thing, though, is to think positive, and to channel the nervousness into excitement and energy.

    Break a leg!!!

  2. Oh, I love auditions! Just choose a piece you are familiar and confident with - if your audition is in a week, I wouldn't try to learn anything new right now. And don't be nervous! Something on the shorter side is always fine, they might ask you to stop while your in the middle of it, but that's not always necessarily bad. I've done everything from theater, to dance, to voice and if there's one thing that's important, esp. for a short audition like this, your attitude can play a big part. So, head up and project your voice, and prayers to St. Cecilia and St. Genesius : )! Good luck!

  3. Erin~ Hey, NOT a problem! I was like, "She's so cool! She loves to act as much as I do!" Love, love your Backstage Musings. Please keep it up.

    Haha. Yeah, I was reading everything you had written, and I kept going "ME TOO!"

    *rolls eyes* Ha, I do that ALL the time. Whenever I listen to track three from the Two Towers, I'm always screaming, "NO!!!!!" because I've just seen my cousin's dead body, and I'm shaking him, going, "Wake up, wake up! Please, I need you!" It's always a guy, and maybe they are carrying his body to me and I go to pieces. I am sooo dramatic. *laughs* And I look at it as a good thing.

    Thanks! I really need to do a post on it. I had the most amazing amature costume and make-up. Everyone kept saying I had the coolest character! It was so much fun.

    Thanks; I printed it out!

    Hm, okay. I'm pretty sure I'll do Take a Chance on Me from Mamma Mia. It's a very fun song and very energetic. Thanks.

    I'm trying to memorise the whole thing. It's not THAT long, but it repeats the chorus.

    Got it. Think positive, think positive...

    Thanks, Erin!!!

    Olivia~ Really? I think I love the idea of auditions, then when I really think about it, I get petrified! ;)

    I think I'll sing Take a Chance on Me, from Mamma Mia, because it's a fun song, and like Erin said, I can really channel my nervousness in to it!

    Okay. Okay. That's what I keep hearing. Don't be nervous. *takes a deep breath*

    I just have to find music....

    Thank you, Oliva. The advice really means alot. I wandered over to the right blogs with you and Erin! Hee hee.

    *hugs both girls*

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    Yes, please, please keep me in your prayers.


  4. Hey Grace! Do you need to have accompaniment music to your audition song? I've only been to one musical audition (I chickened out before my turn came. Hey, I was only 10) and they wouldn't let one girl sing the song she had prepared because she didn't have accompaniment music. :( She had to sing Jingle Bells, because it was one of the songs they had.

  5. Do contact the people with any questions you have ahead of time. They shoudl be more than happy to help you. (And if they're not- then they're not worth auditioning for!)

    The diretors KNOW that everyone is nervous. It's how you deal with that that shows them how you'll be able to work in the show.

    Good music...mmm...something from "Oliver" or "Peter Pan" would probably be pretty similar in style to "Annie." Or perhaps "Music Man."?

  6. Well Grace, I am not going to tell you "Don't get nervous", because you will. Sorry, that's the way things are! So I second what Erin said (and it's something Mrs. Pacek has told the theater troupe before performances) channel your nervousness into energy. And believe me, it works! My nervousness has helped me to do a good job! (I do still occasionally get stage fright! ;)
    Break a leg!

    Song suggestions.... may I recomend "Hoist the Colors"? :D Nah, too serious! Well, can you do songs from the musical you are auditioning for?
    like Elena said, something from Music Man? Those are great songs!
    Have you ever seen High School Musical? Fun songs!!!!

    I will be praying for you!

    Someday I would like to audition for a play, but due to my involvement in the Little Flowers Troupe, I don't think that will work out anytime soon.
    (Meaning I would like to do something other then an original production! Those are fun too... but I would also like to do a previously written play.)

  7. Oh Raewyn, wishing you luck with your audition - we only watched that last night with friends (Annie) - how about "Little girls, Little girls..." my daughters LOVE singing that - and of course they never tire of watching Carol Bennet sing it either!

  8. I'm certainly not the person to ask (I have the worst range known to's about as far as I can reach on the piano, or an octave and a note.) But good luck!! I posted another story, just FYI.

  9. No, Delaney, I didn't have any music, nor any idea where to get it. I think that was the one of the reasons I was panicing so. ;)

    Thanks, Elena! I did actually email the director and he gave me good advice, advised me to prepare for karoke and such, but most importently to sing LOUD. :)

    Mamma, ahha! I would have loved to sing that! Yeah, I know all the HIgh School Musical songs, but I'm sure directors get that alot, and I didn't want to make them roll their eyes. I'll pray for you too! I hope you do get to act in a original play someday (soon)!

    Thank you, Anne! I've seen a version which I really enjoyed but I think it was a newer one. I don't think I've seen the one with Carol Bennet...

    Edge, haha. Me too. I mean, like I said, I can sing, but I have a hard time hitting a high note without breaking glass. ;)