Hares, Hatters, and Wiggles!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Not really. I just couldn't think of a title. *glares at muse who was brilliant a hour ago, but has now fled*

So! I found Leigha today, and abso-bloody-lutely love her blog and her post about creativewritingprompts.com. I was so inspired I decided to meander over and explore. I did number one and two on Microsoft Word, but then I was banging away at the keys and it got xed out and didn't save! *sniffle*

The next one, 3, however sounded like so much fun I had to share it: Grab your dictionary off your shelf and blow the dust off. Pick ten words randomly (love the random bit!) and don't look at their meaning. Write them down or (in my case) type them and have fun creating meanings for the words. What do the words make you think of? What do you think they should mean?

Here are the ones my Guardian Angel picked...

marsh wiggle!!! Haha. Hm, Puddleglum’s home, a wet grey plain of water and thin mud, with mist. Fun to think of, imagine and write about, but probably not as much fun in real life. ;)

pit ooh, something for Mamma to fall in! Hee hee. A hole made out of dirt; excellent for roasting potatoes, eggs and other scrumptious food. See Chapter 24 Let Them Laugh of The Secret Garden.

barracks long house for boys, very military. Young Roman soldiers running drills, lounging about lazily, busy being good-looking and flashing dazzling grins at a girl getting water from a well nearby. :D

flame fire-hot, red, gold and blue. Beautiful in the dark. Passionate and quiet, loyal and steady, burning bright. Flickering in the wind, dancing merrily and shining at the lad or lass who carries it.

peruse read or glance with a haughty look, skimming over, eyes flickering here and there. Can make a girl uncomfortable. ‘Specially if it’s being done by a boy. Quite careless, effortlessly nonchalant.

slosh yay! Loooovvve it! Heh, drips in to Bella’s hood and gets her hair wet. Disliked immensely by her. Fun to run through, and stamp in. Lighthearted and melancholy at once. Grey-white stuff, made of melted snow and rain. Likes boots and being tracked indoors on carpets.

inevitable ooh. *runs her hands briskly* Death. Being snarky. Sarcasm living on. Mocha Frappachinos. The feeling you get when it’s raining. Stepping in to a Starbucks. Guys. ;)

row Baker’s! A fun British word describing a fight, which is so much cooler then anything we Americans could come up with. So very British. Which makes it so very cool. A row of pumps all lined up, shiny, beautiful and impossibly high. *drools*

scalawag *glowers* My little brother! Grr. A v. annoying person who know he pushes your buttons and enjoys it. Also shoplifters, hooligans and fresh-mouthed youngsters.

bluff Into the wee wee bluff, och me bonny lass! (Kidding. Don’t worry, my songs aren’t as bad as that.) Something James Bond does. A brave front. Pretending like you don’t care even though you’ve told him time and time again that nothing he can say or do will change your mind! (Haha. Rose and Fishy, anyone?) Cards: poker if you prefer. Casino Royale! (Yes, Bond again. What can I say? I like me my Daniel Craig.)

And there we go. Hoo, that was fun! Your turn now...

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