A Blessing filled day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's the beginning of World Youth Day, as Mamma Rose reminded me! Hurrah! It sounds amazing, but as I am not in Sydney, here is everything to keep up with this exciting week.

Pope Benedict will make his first visit to Australia, so I'm more then sure everyone down under is ecstatic about it!

For those who do not know what WYD is, it is the largest youth event and gathering in the world of young teens! It's organised by the Catholic Church, and a invitation to all the youth everywhere to celebrate their faith and learn more about it.

Prayers to all over there, that they have a amazing week, stay safe and have clear weather!

God Bless!


  1. *blushes* Awww! You gave me my very own label! *hugs*

  2. We're just about to head down to it, 12 hours drive away, it should be a blessed time!

  3. Thanks for your really encouraging words over at my blog!
    I came to your and had a read of your profile - well, I thought I was reading about my daughter! You two have so many similar likes!! And just last night she watched Northanger Abbey after the Opening Mass of WYD.
    I'm going to send her to your blog when she wakes up...it's pre-dawn here.
    God bless you sweetheart!!

  4. *hugs her back* Of course, Mamma! You'll fill it up soon enough! :)

    Anne, I was wondering if you were going! I'll be praying for a safe trip for y'all, and that you have a wonderful time. Give the Holy Father my best! :)

    Jenny~ I could only try; I loved reading your blog so much! I always love it when I find a new 'friend', and it looks I'll be making another new one in your daughter! As I was reading your post, I kept thinking, "Her daughter sounds like she'd be a lovely person to have a long chat with about books!" I can't wait for her visit, and tell her she's gladly welcomed!

    My...pre-dawn..that makes me feel sleepy. *yawns* We over here in the States must seem like extreme early birds/night owls. *laughs*

    Really? I loved it so much. I never saw it on screen though. I was reduced/forced to watching it via youtube!

    I eagerly read the book, because I had heard it was in the Gothic style, and was described by one of Regina Doman's charcters ,Blanche, as not being the best book to read when paranoid... I was very suprised by how light-hearted it was; Bath called to mind sunshine and cheery walks. I suppose I was expecting the Phantom and the Opera, Jane Austen-style! Ha ha.

    I really did like the movie though. I thought Henry was adorable,and his sister very sweet. I didn't care for Isabella or her brother John even before they were revealed as rude, disagreeable charcters.

    Thank you ever so much for the comment, and keep up the blogging!

    God Bless!

  5. Beautiful story. I was right there along side of you. Perfect imaging.


  6. Why thank you, Mary! I'm always so delighted when someone new drops by... A warm welcome! May I ask how you chanced apon my Spare Oom?

  7. My daughter left you a long comment a couple of days ago, but I don't think it went through.
    She was keen to *meet* you!
    Here is her blog - you have encouraged her to get back to it. :-)