Back...and Happy

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, my friends, it feels so wonderful to be back! I've missed every one of you. It's amazing how I can feel so attached to people I've never even met! :)

Well, I have math to do. Haha, yes, summer is over for me, but, well, here's a little secret. It was never supposed to have even started. I am very behind, so I planned to continue my school, or math, at least, through the summer. Ha! There goes that well-laid plan. On a good note however, I finished my third math disc, so I have 29 lessons and then I am done and I move on to next level of math! Algebra... oh dear.

I realized I posted sometime ago that Geometry was going nicely. Ahem. Apparently that was just a introduction. My...bad.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Which means basketball practice and youth group. At the same time. I chose a few weeks ago to go to youth group instead of basketball, and I think I shall make the same choice again. I have nothing against basketball, but my friends and fellowship are dear to me. :)

I'm lurking about Jo's corner, dreaming in the souring melodies and listening to her words of Summer. I need the 2005 Pride and Prejudice soundtrack so. Music, I cannot live without. I need it, I crave it. My soul is filled with melodies as they play softly, and tug at my heart...

One might also say the same about God. We cannot do without, no matter how hard we may try. It is like trying not to breathe. We need Him, we cannot live without Him. He, is. Is all we are, all we try to be, all we want to be; He is there, watching always, with tender eyes. Waiting to carry us when we stumble, comfort us when we cry, and love us always.

Lovely Jenny who I "met" on the first day of World Youth Day, shared the story of her conversion to the Catholic Church, which was beautiful, and as I read, my eye was caught and held by a line she wrote:

Finally I knew that Jesus was the missing piece! All those years I had focused on God the Father but apart from Christmas and Easter I had not thought about having a relationship with His Son. I needed a loving dad and God had been I had a Brother.

Our Lord. Who gave Himself that we might be with Him in Heaven. The Sorrowful Mysteries are always able to bring tears to my eyes when I reflect on what He suffered for us. We, who had not even been born yet, and were hundreds and hundreds of years away from even existing. He loved us so much, that He was willing and ready. When I think of Jesus, I think of pure love. Of a Man, so gentle and tender, who loved children and His fellow men. He was whipped, beaten, ridiculed, spat on, mocked and forced to carry the Cross He would die on.

As a girl I dream of love and beauty, and one day a family, a home, and a husband. I dream of being rescued, someone to protect me, and comfort me. When I shed my bitter tears of childish hurt, I picture Him sometimes, bending toward me, and laying His hand on my head and just a wave of peace sweeping through me. Jesus is pure Love, and therefore we love Him. We are all searching for love, and we find ultimate love in Our Lord. Because we can't ignore Him. We love Him too much. :)

If that sounds contradictory, forgive me. I'm no scholar, so I error in something I say, it is in error. ;)



  1. Oooh, Grace, I'm SO glad you're BACK! :D

  2. You are indeed a beautiful dreamer of all things lovely, and to read your heart-felt faith towards our Father, is enormously inspiring. I never tire of reading your beautiful thoughts... words are indeed your friends. ;)
    I too have just returned to the blogging world and am now going to devour your latest posts... I've missed you, dear!