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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hello! I'm Grace and welcome to My Spare Oom.

 The name of my blog comes from a passage in C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, where Mr. Tumnus, a faun misunderstands Lucy, the young human girl he finds in the woods.

"This is the land of Narnia," said the Faun, "....And you - you have come from the wild woods of the west?" 

"I - I got in through the wardrobe in the spare room," said Lucy.

 "Daughter of Eve from the far land of Spare Oom where eternal summer reigns around the bright city of War Drobe, how would it be if you came and had tea with me?"

 I've always been like Lucy, eager to look in wardrobes and search out the adventures and joys of life. I've always had a love for other worlds...for magic and wonder. I'm a storyteller and writer. It's extremely fitting then, that my little corner of the blogworld should be named after a story.

I'm a Roman Catholic girl born and raised in the heart of Texas, where I now attend college. I'm a junior journalism + photography major and creative writing minor, as well as studying literature, art, and philosophy. I love Christ, color, coffee, and a really good concealer. 

Here in my Spare Oom, I share snippets of my life, writing, living a joyful life, and God's grace. So join me for some heart-to-heart chatting, modest + stylish fashion, and a cup of grace.

 Feel free to mail me at raewyn83@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Many warm welcomes, my dearest "daughter". May your stay in the blogsphere be long and wonderful!

  2. Many heartfelt thanks, my dearest mother!

    O! How I shall miss you when I am gone! What ever will I do without your kindness?

    Three and ten days seems long indeed to me. I know! I shall write to you each day and send my letters to thee, via internet when I return, and so dictate the day to you.

    Hmmm..I think I shall christen my Guardian Angel, "Passepartout"!

    Perhaps I shall even name a fellow companion after you, Mama, and in this way, be together in spirit as we are in the Fellowship!

  3. I like this blog a whole lot!

    Wow, I imagine life like an LOTR quest too. Though I am at heart a Narniac...

    I have also hobbit ancestry! Perhaps we were both descended from Samwise, eh?

  4. Welcome "poppet"! Haha, I love Pirates of the Carribbean(sp?) #1. It seems you have made a good start and are doing a wonderful job.

    How did you like Christendom? I live in MI and go through Seton Home School which is right nextdoor to Christendom. Soooo, I might be going to college there when I graduate.

    Welcome again and God bless,
    Vicki (Coon)

    P.S. Are you attending the Miles Jesu Camp?

  5. I LOVE your blog!! I am so glad I found it. I am happy I found another Catholic college students blog! I myself am a Catholic college student blogger that is just starting to blog. I am new to the whole blogging game.
    Anyways I hope you have a blessed day,
    God Bless

  6. Lord of the Rings and Narnia? Instantly following. Happy Easter! :)

  7. 'Ello, dear Raewyn! Check this out when you have a chance - I've tagged you in a blog tour. :) http://www.iris-hanlin.com/2014/05/blogger-selfie-why-i-write-how-i-write.html

  8. Just wanted to introduce myself. I found your blog on bloglovin and am lovin it! This really is a beautiful little space. I am also a writer, chocolate fanatic, and adventurer. I can't wait to hear more of your adventures.