Marriage and Memories

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ha, concerning the cursing...Aren't you glad you didn't marry me?

So said my past-fiancee, Master Paul Xavier, when we were discussing the rather unfortunate incident of him getting cursed. (grammar) To which I promptly replied, 'no!' Marriage is about sharing your life with someone, and that includes getting cursed as well!

Heheh...we got engaged sometime ago out of pure spontaneity... actually, I proposed and he accepted... (his decision may have been influenced by the fact I had a chicken dowry) and Delaney summed it all up with a rather witty sentence: "I think we all must be drunk, or something equally bad."

I had a lovely virtual wedding shower, and we got tons of Presents, after which Paul and I went back to our normal, non-married lives. Although...I'm not too sure about him...

Jack enjoyed it while it lasted however. 'A wedding.. I love weddings! Drinks all around!'

Geometry's surprisingly simple so far, for which I give thanks. But math is always easy with Linkin Park and Coldplay playing in your ears...

And yes, I gave Paul his own label. I have a feeling he'll be filling it. :)


  1. Ha! Indeed, that is what marriage is all about. But I have a bad habit of having bad things happen to me. :) Ooh, I feel so loved! I have my own category! :P Basically, I'm back to normal. My engagement to Angela is strictly facebook. We were bored! lol

    Just a note, your links all have a double: HTTP. For example, the link to my blog inside this post is: http://http//

    You only need one, and don't forget the :!

    ~Paulie Xavier

  2. I knew you'd agree! Well, so did Bear and Fish... ;)

    *highly amused* Hey, I said you'd be filling it didn't I? You have such a awesome blog, with so many thought provoking and great posts!

    Good to know. lol...yeah, just as ours was strictly forum. I suspect you were bored then too, or you wouldn't have excepted! Hee hee. Oh, thanks! I'll try and fix it.Hey, this means you have to give me my own category on your blog too!

    Is there a reason why you signed your name as 'Paulie'? Or is that a term of affection? ;)

  3. *rolls eyes* Grace, didn't I tell you that was over? He's your uncle!

    I agree with Delaney.

  4. BTW, my dear... have you ever had a dream about said Paulie? If not, I am ahead of you there!

  5. Mamma Rose: dearest mother, I simply explaining about our engagement... Agree with Delaney about what?

    I want to hear that dream!

    Lol, 'Paulie'.

  6. I'll tell you about it on the forum... PM you.

  7. Okay.:)

    Oh, you meant you agreed with Delaney that we all muct have been 'Drunk or something equally as bad'... Lol!