And Now, I Take My Leave

Sunday, June 8, 2008

*sigh* I leave for Virginia in six hour and a half hours. Ugh..make that six hours and twenty minuets!

My grandparents discovered some odd years ago, while researching their genealogy, that they were related to the Calmes, sharing the same ancestor, a Marquis, who's name escapes my memory at the present moment. Apparently, they have a reunion every year, and they were kind enough to invite me along with them.

I'm very excited, because in addition to a wonderful amazing trip, my grandparents agreed to take me to Christendom, a Catholic collage in Front Royal, about a hour and a half from Charlottesville.

I first heard of it from Bowman the Black, from the FairyTale Novels Forum; who is a resident student there. He sung Christendom's praises on the Collage thread, so of course I was beside myself with excitement when I saw how near Front Royal was to Charlottesville.

Not to mention it's the home of the lovely Catholic author Regina Doman, and her husband Andrew. http://http//

Alas, I won't be able to see them at the IHM National Home School and Parent Conference in Chatilly, because we will be in Williamsburg during the 13 and 14.

We plan to travel to Front Royal, spend the night and then visit the campus in the morning. I hope Bowman and I can meet. He offered to show me around campus, but if he cannot, I think he said something about his friends, although they may have plans as well. A very nice offer all the same. Lovely boy.

We leave at seven in the morning; I believe it's about twenty to two, so that gives me five or so hours to finish packing, my clothes to dry, agonise over which books to bring with me (It's like having to pick between your children; it's simply impossible!), figure out where to put my shoes, (there's no room in my suitcase), sit on my suitcase and try to close it, and cram numerous notebooks, pens and various other stuff I won't end up using in to a medium sized bag!!

It's not fun putting things off...


  1. So that is where you are going dear! Why didn't you tell your mother before! Hope you have a great time! Will you be able to visit Regina and Andrew when you stop in Front Royal?

    God Bless!

    Mamma Rose

  2. Oh, and say hi to Bowman for me if you meet him!